The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf’s new trailer is teasing a lot of monster-hunting-related activities


Netflixin anime Witcher spinoff movieWitcher: The wolf’s nightmare -is almost here, and the new full-length trailer introduces much more about the epic monster battle and charismatic heroism of its protagonist, Geralt’s mentor Vesemir.

Set before the events of the live-action series, the film aims to explain more about Witcher’s world, including how magically mutated monster hunters are created. It also provides a useful background story about Vesemir, which will appear for the upcoming second season of the show when it arrives in December.

The new trailer for the anime spinoff also looks much expanded Witcher the universe and some impressive-looking battle scenes and effects whose kind would have been much harder to achieve in the live-action series.

Kwang Il Han, Director of Studio Mir, said Limit One of the advantages of the animated form included transporting witches their iconic two blades“The actors had a hard time carrying multiple swords at once because they were too heavy, so they only carried one sword at a time,” he says. “At Anime, we don’t have those restrictions.”

The new trailer follows a shorter teaser was released last month and comes just a few weeks before Debuted on August 23rd from an animated film.

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