There is no Target PS5 in stock today – here you will probably see in stock


There was no Target PS5 in stock today, May 12, but there is good news nonetheless: Target stores collect PlayStation 5 ads and get notified when it’s live on our PS5 Twitter follow-up Matt Swiderif you follow his Twitter account and turn on notifications. According to sources who showed us the incoming stock number, more than 40 PS5 consoles are coming to several Target stores. It is a figure that is consistent with the approaching drop. Keep in mind that Target usually drops nationwide, so it has to wait until almost all stores receive Sony console shipments, and we’ve seen Target’s launches early on Wednesday mornings, so we can see the Target PS5 rebuilt on May 19 at 7:40 a.m. EDT.

  • When? Follow Matt Swider, our Twitter follow-up to PS5 storage notifications about when the next PS5 stock is running. It’s the fastest way to get real-time updates.
  • Don’t buy from other Twitter users – all of whom are scams. Only buy from websites that Matt points you to. No one wants to eagerly sell a console for only $ 550.

The Target PS5 stock alert looks like this:

PS5 storage

(Image credit: Matt Swider / Twitter)

When will Target re-record the PS5 again? Time and date explained


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