These AirPods Pro competitors pack active noise reduction for just $ 60


If you thought so Amazon’s “brand new” Echo Buds are irresistibly priced, at just $ 100, with active noise cancellation, hands-free Alexa connectivity and IPX4 water resistance, wait until you see how much Wyze charges you for the first true wireless of all time earbuds in July.

Simply and aptly named Wyze Buds Pro is already pre-orderable at an incredibly low price of $ 59.99 in the state and just like the $ 99.99 second generation Echo Buds or $ 249 AirPods Pro, these bad guys claim to welcome you into a “quieter world” with high-tech ANC technology.

On paper, the value expression looks … almost too good to be true, and each loop has three sound-insulating microphones, and wind noise attenuation contributes to its “professional” 40 dB ANC achievement and also transparency mode. present for those moments when you want to stay connected to your surroundings and not “immerse yourself in the music”.

Like Amazon’s Echo Buds, Wyze Buds Pro includes only native Alexa integration for seamless voice controls as well. Incredibly, you get it too wireless charging capabilities as part of this very affordable package, not to mention an absolutely pleasant battery life of up to 18 hours (4.5 hours for loops or 6 hours with ANC off).

Basically, the only important thing that is missing is some sort of water protection rating, but we are pretty sure that many of you will agree that there is no reason to reject such a phenomenal-looking agreement.

Wyze may not be confused with Google-owned GPS navigation software, Colossus Waze. competitive real wireless in-ear headphone market but it is by no means a novice in the technology industry, having previously specialized in smart home products and wireless cameras and even released a pair of over-the-ear mufflers last year.


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