These new features will be on Android this summer


These new features will be on Android this summer

Google has announced new features coming to Android this summer ahead of the Android 12 update, which is scheduled for release in early September. One is the global deployment of the Android Earthquake Alert System, which can give you alarm seconds before the earthquake starts, and hopefully give you enough time to find a safe place. Google says, “We prioritize the launch of earthquake warnings in countries with higher earthquake risks, and we hope to be able to trigger more and more countries in the coming year.”
The original launch was in New Zealand and Greece. On Tuesday, the Android Earthquake Alert System was released in Turkey, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
Google adds a feature to Messages that lets you add a star to important messages you want to remember. Tap the message you want to keep and hit the stars. And when you want to find one of these messages (say the one with your Wi-Fi password), tap the starred category instead of scrolling through thousands of your old messages.

Also this summer, Google will be sending an update that will give you contextual suggestions to Emojis in the Emoji Kitchen once you’ve written a message. Contextual emoji kitchen suggestions are in Gboard beta right now and will be available this summer to all Gboard users using English, Spanish and Portuguese on devices running Android 6.0 or later.

You will soon be able to use your voice to open and run certain applications. For example, you could say “Hello Google, pay the capital bill” or “Hello Google, check my mail on Strava”. Say “Hello Google, Shortcuts” to find out what apps you can use Google Assistant.
Helps people with disabilities navigate the handset with Voice Access so they can do it with their voice. Eye Detection, currently in beta, only makes Voice Access work when the user is staring at the screen.

Finally, Android Auto now offers a more personalized user experience, including a dark mode, a “back to top” option, and an A button in the scroll bar. A few quick taps will help you get started if you’re using Android Car for the first time.

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