These old but good Kindle Paperwhite electronic readers are insanely cheap just today


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E-book readers are generally considered to be fairly rudimentary devices that are unable to perform most tasks, even the humblest and cheapest Android tablets in the world can easily perform them. Be that as it may, Amazon has impressively managed to strike gold with its comprehensive Kindle product line, including low-end, mid-range and high-end models for more than a decade.

While the e-commerce giant strives to update at least one of the Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, or Kindle Oasis families almost every year, that doesn’t mean low-cost hunters should completely ignore older versions of these three devices when compiling shopping lists for specific ones like Mother’s Day, for example.
This is because the latest entry-level Amazon Kindle typically starts at $ 90, often drops to $ 65 and up, while the mid-size Kindle Paperwhite, released in 2012, can currently be purchased for only $ 20, 99.
The first-generation Paperwhite model does not have a razor thin, very light and waterproof The 2018 fourth-generation Kindle middle classBut for just over $ 20, you’re definitely looking here for a remarkable list of features, including all the built-in light that allows you to read your favorite e-books in the dark all the way to an insane battery life of up to eight weeks (!!!).

As you can imagine, these dirt-cheap units sold only in Woot today have a 90-day warranty, delivery (free to Prime members) in a brown box with “used” markings, despite the e-tailer’s cataloging the product as technically “refurbished”. .

If you’re in a hurry, you can choose between “used – good” and “used – very good” mode, as well as Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + AT&T mobile phone versions only, at prices ranging from $ 20.99 to $ 26.99 above. dollars.

Alternatively, you can choose a slightly better second-generation Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for $ 29.99 in the condition marked “used – acceptable”, “used – good” or “used – very good”. It seems like a ridiculously easy choice, but in the footsteps of the 4GB storage configurations, the “good” and “very good” 2GB models may well run out of stock before the killer’s new contract actually ends. Date time.

While this 2013 generation is far from a major upgrade, it has subtly improved e-paper display, LED lighting, processing power and touch input response compared to its 2012 predecessor. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but either way, you’re going to do pretty much.


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