This BBC study may only explain the unexplained ban on pornography by fans


Earlier today, Only the fans amazed the world exposing it rejects a famous thing: sexual videos and photography. Yes, OnlyFans will ban porn from October 1st. But at least one release wasn’t completely upset about the decision – because it came in the middle BBC investigation how the video sharing site was consciously allows content producers to slide despite the publication of illegal content on the Internet.

Instead of denying an account or alerting you, the company explicitly recommends in the “Compliance Manual” that supervisors first issue a series of three warnings as to why each content has been removed. Of course, unless it’s a successful creator, then “accounts with more subscribers can be given additional warnings about breaking the rules,” the BBC writes.

Oh, and the most successful creators of the site? They are run by a different team according to the BBC.

Although OnlyFans told the BBC that the leaked “compliance manuals” it received were not “official instructions”, the news agency quickly points out that one of them mentions the company’s chief operating officer, who is editing the document.

The BBC’s investigation does not end there: it also looked at illegal content, watched videos of homelessness, spoke to some OnlyFans moderators, quoted a US Homeland Security spokesman on how many child abuse images came from there, and tested whether OnlyFans would notice if it set up accounts. promoting young teenagers with photographs. (Only fans didn’t before the BBC pointed it out.)

You can read the full story here. It’s a disgrace, so it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if OnlyFans were sudden pivots for safe work may have something to do with the intensive oversight that the company soon saw approaching. It is also worth noting the company just today rushed to his first transparency report, which claims “we are investing heavily in combating child sexual abuse online” – couples who claim incredibly little detail and only during July 2021. In July, it sent one CSAM digest to the National Center for Missing and Used Children Database and disabled a total of 15 accounts of alleged CSAM activity.

Onlyfans did not respond immediately to the request for comment.