This Flo Rida Roblox Amazon TikTok ad is fake, but amazing


The surrealistic TikTok ad by the advertiser who presented Amazon on Wednesday confuses users to think that the e-commerce giant has wanted to incorporate absurd internet humor into its online marketing strategy.

The ad contained game material from a lego-type title Roblox between weird clips of a man dancing to Flo Rida and T-Pain’s 2008 hit “Low,” but only the part where T-Pain says “Apple Bottom jeans”. The ad also features the sounds of robots teasing each other about grandma and girlfriends. The strange video highlighted Eddy Burback, a popular YouTuber and streamer, in his Twitter feed on Wednesday.

The ad was allegedly bought by e-commerce giant Amazon, but Amazon said Limit On Wednesday, the ad was a fake. Amazon said it was investigating the matter with TikTok. TikTok did not respond immediately to requests for comments Limit.

It’s unclear how the fake ad got on the platform, but it looks like it was bought by a third-party Amazon seller who pretends to be the company itself. When you click on the link associated with the ad, it will take you to the Amazon search results page for the keyword “reveal1.” The results include home decor and kitchen utensils such as curtains and food utensils. The ad may attempt to promote the Amazon referral code, and purchases made through the link would reduce the advertiser’s Amazon revenue.

Last year, TikTok opened its self-service advertising platform to all advertisers by taking on other competitors in the digital advertising market, such as Facebook and Google, by Digiday. While these self-service ad management services can generate a lot of revenue for companies like TikTok and Facebook, they have also been fraudulent and wrong information.

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