This is how downloading Android apps to Windows 11 works


This is how downloading Android apps to Windows 11 works

On June 24, Windows 11 was made official and we found that with it Microsoft and Amazon have joined forces to bring Android apps to your computer.

Does this mean that you can play your favorite Android games and access all your mobile apps directly on your computer, no phone needed? Trying to figure out how downloading Android apps to Windows 11 really works …

The Amazon AppStore is behind it all

Instead of making a deal Google to bring the Google Play app store to Windows 11 (which Google is likely to oppose), Microsoft is going with the Amazon AppStore. This means that in addition to using your Microsoft account, you will definitely need to use your Amazon account to download Android apps for Windows 11. And of course, the Amazon AppStore isn’t as full of apps as the Google Play Store is, so you may not be able to download and run all of your favorite Android apps easily. However…

It is possible to download pages to Windows 11

In fact, however, you can download Android apps that aren’t on the Amazon AppStore, which is always a welcome (albeit dangerous) option. A Microsoft employee has confirmed this on Twitter (via PCMag).

So if nothing suddenly changes before the release of Windows 11, we can be pleased to know that Microsoft is not going to limit users to relying only on the Amazon AppStore. Anyone who has received enough information about APKs (Android app packages) and can safely get what they need should be able to install them on their Windows 11 computer.

We do not yet know how this process will proceed. Of course, we can’t guarantee that apps uploaded to the site will work flawlessly in Windows 11 as well, especially when they don’t come from the Microsoft Store. Speaking of which …

The Microsoft Store is the face of this feature

Download aside, if you’re just a user who wants to do things as planned and safely, you might want to download your Android app from the Amazon AppStore. Or more specifically from the Microsoft Store. (Remember? Windows has its own built-in app store?)

Within the Microsoft Store, you can search for Android apps like Twitter, TikTok, Disney +, and if the Amazon AppStore has (whatever it does) – they’ll be pulled up from it and appear in the Microsoft Store, downloadable like any other Microsoft Store app.

Android apps work in their own Android container and should work well with your computer mouse and keyboard (if those apps have keyboard support), in addition to being the same size and clickable as any other Windows app. Best of all, if you’re using a Windows 11 tablet or a Windows 11 computer with a touch screen, you can quite naturally access Android apps with just touch gestures.

When does Windows 11 come out, is it free and can my computer use it?

In Microsoft’s own words:

So we can expect Windows 10 users to be able to upgrade to Windows 11 at its best in late 2021, or more likely – in early 2022.

Upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is free, but there is a caveat – your computer must meet certain new minimum requirements This does not apply to Windows 10. In particular, your computer must have a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), a technology used for access control and authentication.

Until recently, Windows users could download PC Health Check and test whether their device was ready for Windows 11, but the application was allegedly removed due to inaccuracies. The application is expected to be reloaded by Microsoft soon Windows 11 page, under “Check Compatibility” and is still the easiest way to see if your computer can run Windows 11.

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