This one Power Brick can charge four devices at once: India Price, Availability



As we continually acquire more gadgets and electronics, we may want more power plugs to charge them. This may not be a problem for some who only have a smartphone and laptop. But what about some with two phones, a laptop, wireless in-ear headphones and a smart watch? Stuffcool may have an answer.

This one Power Brick can charge four devices at once

There are many products on the market that offer multiple power supplies. However, due to the limited power class, the device slows down the charging of all devices. Stuffcool has now invented a new product that delivers an awesome 100W of power and supports the USB PD 3.0 standard.

Stuffcool Centurion 100W specifications

Stuffcool The Centurion 100W, as the name suggests, offers 100W of peak power and has four output ports, two USB-A ports and two C-type USB ports. In addition to USB Power Delivery support, the Stuffcool Centurion 100W also supports other fast charging standards such as Samsung AFC, VOOC, Moto TurboCharge and OnePlus Warp.

The charger comes with an auto-sensing IC that supplies power intelligently depending on the requirements of the device. A C-type USB port can provide up to 18 W of peak power, while USB-A ports can provide up to 18 W of power. This means that the Stuffcool Centurion 100W can easily charge most laptops that support USB-PD at the fastest speed.

This one Power Brick can charge four devices at once

For the best charging speed, the company also recommends using the charging cables that come with your smartphone, especially for OnePlus and Oppo branded devices that support 30W or 60W fast charging, as well as laptops. The design of the charger is smooth and should fit most tables without any problems.

Pricing and availability

Stuffcool Centurion 100W is already on the official website and is sold for Rs. 5,999. While it looks like an expensive charger, it has certain features that can charge four devices simultaneously. This is also a great device for those who travel frequently and hate carrying multiple chargers.

Buy Stuffcool Centurion 100W here

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