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Summer is just around the corner and more and more vaccinated populations are giving us more options – indoors and outdoors – than we’ve all had for a while, what you really need is a good pair of wireless headphones. The ones you will find in these Powerbeats Pro offers can change the way you work, work out or enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies and games – both at home and on the go. Currently, in Beats By Dre, you can score Beats by Dre Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones for only $ 200 (we had to check that it wasn’t a mistake). That’s $ 50 out of the normal $ 250 price. Get the best headphones, so less!

Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones are for the user of wireless headphones who wants reliability above all else – which does not stop them. Our inspector was amazed at how long the Powerbeats Pro battery lasted; best in class! The sound also withstands testing. And we are obsessed with design; they look subtle and stylish, and most of all, they stay in your ear – no matter what you do.

For fitness fanatics, especially runners, boxers, Crossfitters and HIT supporters, the idea of ​​keeping the headphones in place is welcome news, as is the fact that they are sweat-resistant. Whether you want to catch an airplane or jump on a rope, the Powerbeats Pro earbuds hold them in place. Their secure placement makes them not only ideal for training, but also ideal for conversations, listening to music, or grabbing your favorite content. Staying still is the first step in producing great sound, and Powerbeats Pro refuses to falter by working with your movement.

How good is that sound? As with all Beats modes, the bass dominates the highest, but the overall sound is impressive and approaches the sound of Apple AirPods. The Powerbeats Pro has an Apple H1 headset as well as Class 1 Bluetooth, which means you don’t have to be right next to the sound source to hear crystal clear sound. The Apple chip also allows for efficient pairing and brings the Siri instantly to your iPhone or any iOS device. A speech-sensing accelerometer and multiple microphones that focus on sounds and filter out external noise ensure the sharpness and clarity of incoming sounds. Clear as a day.

What about the battery, how does nine hours sound? It’s the battery life of these headphones on a single charge, but the charging case allows you to charge two new charges. This means you can leave your battery for more than 24 hours. Is it late and the battery is low? No problem. Five minutes in the charger you can play music for 90 minutes. We don’t see this kind of battery life anywhere else; it’s awesome!

You can choose from so many wireless headphones, but why wouldn’t it work in the best way possible, especially if you’re active? Currently, at Beats By Dressa, you can earn $ 50 from Powerbeats Pro Wireless Headphones. They’re lower than $ 200, for the usual $ 250 price, an amazing discount on some of the best audio money channels you can buy. Don’t miss it.

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