This PS2 mode is a handheld dream


GingerOfOz, a console modder that you may remember her an excellent Game Boy-sized portable Wii, has returned using another home console on the handheld. This time it’s PS2’s turn, objectively the best console ever made and that happens to be the first I have ever owned.

Named the “PS2 Eclipse,” the original PS2 motherboard was cut and packaged in a 3D-printed case with a set of PlayStation Vita buttons, Nintendo Switch joysticks, a 5-inch 480p display, batteries, and a couple of extra custom circuit boards.

It is a very a neat little handheld, and the fact that it uses the original PS2 hardware instead of emulation means it doesn’t have major compatibility issues with the console’s nearly 4,000 game library. The way the console slowly downloads games from a USB drive means that some titles may stutter a bit and the download times are obviously a bit difficult. The battery life is about two and a half hours.

While GingerOfOz has done a great job with handheld usability, including building speakers, a headphone jack, and a battery life indicator, he admits that sometimes it can be hard to tell if a controller is connected. Some games refuse to download and are virtually unplayable. GingerOfOz says it hopes this can be fixed with software later.

Unfortunately, if you want to get access to the laptop, GingerOfOz says he’s not going to sell them like he did with the previous laptop Wii. After making fifty handheld consoles in the last two years, Modder says building these many to order “is just miserable.” So if you’re interested in taking your PS2 library on the go, you will you may need to make a soldering iron and a 3D printer. In the meantime, I recommend ordering GingerOfOz YouTube channeland reads her full script what came to the ps2 eclipse.

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