This sleek and versatile Wear OS smartwatch is now insanely cheap


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For the first time in a long time, it really is a reasonable amount (positive) of Buzz around the Wear OS, a software platform formerly known as Android Wear, which Google has been trying (and failed) to get off the field since 2014.

Samsung’s involvement in the recovery of this largely failed watchOS competitor creates an ideal scenario to remember that … not all current Wear OS-powered devices from other brands are bad.

The two “Gen 5” -based smart watches also have a list price of $ 295, but because of their slightly age (and unpopular operating system), it’s not quite difficult to find certain models at substantial discounts if you’re looking hard enough.

Nonetheless, it’s unusual to see that the Android- and iOS-compatible Falster 3 costs a whopping $ 177 less than usual, so it’s worth rushing in and taking advantage of this absolutely superb Amazon deal before it inevitably disappears.

$ 177 equates to an incredibly deep 60 percent price cut, making this arguably sleek and versatile smart watch similar to Samsung’s original fitness-centric. Galaxy Watch active, not to mention “affordable” Apple Watch SE.
Unlike its direct $ 150 competitors, the fossil-built Skagen Falster 3 covers essentially all lifestyle and health tracking criteria, including everything from a separate GPS connection to NFC support for wrist charges, heart rate and general activity tracking, a built-in speaker to speak on your phone right from your wrist (near your real phone) , state-of-the-art water resistance, Google Assistant and Play Store support as well as multi-day modes to maximize battery life.

It’s a lot of great hardware and software for your money, although you should note that the black leather version is the only one marked at $ 177 at the time of this writing, and we also have no idea how many major operating system updates you should expect from Google and Samsung’s Wear OS. and the Tizen combination notice.


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