This suitcase-sized power plant is designed to help you during a power outage


Zendure’s latest “portable” charger is the SuperBase Pro 2000, a rugged powerhouse equipped with a 2,096 Wh battery designed to help you with everything from camping to power outages. It weighs 21.5 kg (46.5 kg) and is just portable in the technical sense of the word — you’re much more likely to use its built-in handle to rotate it around than a roll-up suitcase. Its published on Indiegogo Early bird price starting at $ 1299.

We’ve usually liked Zendure’s more portable chargers designed for smaller devices such as phones and laptops, and this is not the first time it has been offered fatter power plant for more electricity – intensive electronics (competitors Aukey and Anker sell similar equipment). But what sets the SuperBase Pro 2000 apart is its sheer power capacity, measured in thousands of watt hours instead of hundreds, and the fact that it can be charged in just two hours.

Its battery capacity means you can keep your 65W mini fridge running for more than 24 hours, charge your 13-inch MacBook 32 times or 148 times on your iPhone 12, Zendure says.

It also looks pretty versatile. Zendure says there are half a dozen ways to charge the SuperBase Pro, ranging from a standard outlet to solar panels, portable generators, or a car. The device has 14 ports for power, including six outlets and four USB-C ports. Sockets can produce 2000 W (4000 W overvoltage), which means they can use electrical appliances such as kettles, toasters and even hair dryers. It is also equipped with a 6.1-inch LCD screen and even an LTE connection so that the power unit can be controlled remotely.

The Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 starts at $ 1,299 with the lowest early priced price and the normal price of $ 2,299. There’s also the cheaper SuperBase Pro 1500, with a smaller 1,456 Wh battery and an early price of $ 999 (standard price of $ 1,999). Finally, Zendure sells portable solar panels for a standard price of $ 599.

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