Thor: The Dark World Four color movie Podcast # 142


Allen Christian, Gerald James, and Lacey Day bring you a weekly podcast that tells you the ups and downs of comic book movie adaptations from the start. Each of them, as profound as each deserves …


In this episode of the Four-Color Movie podcast, Allen, Gerald, and Lacey return after a long hiatus to continue the good work of watching a cartoon ever made. As we continue where we left off, this episode tries to focus on the often beaten Thor: The Dark World.

The second phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in full swing here, and the pedestal is not quite solid, and the creative vision is a bit blurry. Join us as we reflect on how far the MCU has come, the essential challenges in telling the story of God of Infinite Power, the struggles to talk about a film with a lot of action and no consequences, and Gerald’s inability to remain silent with Kat Dennings.

Listen to “Episode 142 – Thor: The Dark World” with Spreaker.

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