TikTok begins automating video deletions for nudity and more in the U.S.


TikTok is trying to speed up its moderation by eliminating human evaluators, where its automated systems can also do the job.

In the United States and Canada, the company is start using automated rating systems to remove videos from nudity, gender, violence, graphic content, illegal activity, and violations of its minor security practices. If the system gets the video in these categories, it is pulled immediately and the author is given the opportunity to appeal to the human supervisor.

So far, TikTok has operated all of the human moderators ’videos in the U.S. before they were pulled, the spokesman says Limit. The change is intended in part to limit the “number of harassing videos.” Moderators need to look at and give them more time to spend on more cumbersome clips, such as misinformation, that require proper context review. Moderators of other companies, such as Facebook, are developed PTSD-like symptoms of the videos they had to watch. The Communication is also part of an effort to increase transparency through moderation, by Axios, who first reported the news.

The problem facing TikTok is that automated systems are never complete, and some communities may suffer the most from errors in automated deletions. The app has had discriminatory moderation and it was recently criticized for drawing an intersex sexual hashtag twice. TikTok says it will start using automation only where it is most reliable; it has tested the technology in other countries, including Brazil and Pakistan, and says only 5 percent of the videos removed by its systems should have been allowed.

It’s a small number, but when you look at it how many videos will TikTok delete – 8,540,088 videos in the U.S. in the first three months of 2021 – there may be tens or hundreds of thousands of videos accidentally downloaded. Most of the deleted videos fall into categories, TikTok implements automatic monitoring. However, not all of these videos are directed around people reviewers. The spokesman says human supervisors continue to monitor reports, petitions and other videos reported by community automated systems.

TikTok says it will introduce an automated review system “in the coming weeks”.

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