Tired of Google Assistant misrepresenting your name?


If your parents gave you a name that might be considered a little unusual and difficult to pronounce, the new feature allows you to teach Google Assistant say your name correctly. Over the next few days, you will not only be able to tell the Assistant exactly how to say a name that is difficult to pronounce, but also understand who you are referring to when you say the name aloud.
If you want to learn a name that is difficult to say correctly when this feature is enabled (this should happen in a few days), the Assistant will listen to the pronunciation of the name and remember it. No worries, Google is not going to record your voice. The feature will initially be offered in English and will be available in other languages ​​in the near future.
Google, in his latest blog post, explains why this is so important. The search giant wrote, “Names are relevant, and it’s frustrating when you try to send text or make a call, and Google Assistant mispronounces or simply doesn’t recognize the contact. We want Assistant to recognize and pronounce people’s names accurately as often as possible, especially those who are less common. “

Google also pointed out how important the context is when the Assistant tries to understand the meaning of the conversation. According to the Alphabet, it has rebuilt Google Assistant’s Natural Language Comprehension (NLU) to make it easier to understand what you’re trying to accomplish with the command. With its home-grown technology known as BERT, Google can “process” words relative to other words in a sentence instead of going through those words one at a time.

With these enhancements, Assistant can now respond to your requests to set alarms and timers with near 100% accuracy. Google also plans to provide near-complete accuracy for other Assistant-related tasks.

BERT also allows Google Assistant to deliver more natural round-trip conversations. This is because the Assistant remembers your previous interactions and can understand what is being written on your smartphone or smart screen. As Google points out, if you talk to Miami with the Assistant and ask “show me the nicest beaches,” it knows you mean the beaches of Miami.


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