Toledo Ohio to Detroit airport: Enjoy Best Car Service ever

Travelling from Toledo Ohio to Detroit airport can be a convenient and efficient way to reach your destination. Whether you’re heading on a business trip or embarking on a vacation, knowing the best transportation options, travel tips, and attractions along the way can enhance your journey. In this article, we will explore the various modes of transportation, travel routes, and exciting places to visit, from Toledo Ohio to Detroit airport.

Understanding the Distance

Toledo, Ohio, is approximately 60 miles south of Detroit, Michigan. The distance between Toledo and Detroit Airport is around 55 miles, which can be covered in about one hour by car, depending on traffic conditions.

Transportation Options

When travelling from Toledo Ohio to Detroit airport, you have several transportation options. These options include:

  • Driving your vehicle
  • Utilizing public transportation
  • Using ride-sharing services
  • Renting a car

Each option offers advantages, and the choice ultimately depends on your preferences, budget, and travel requirements.

Driving from Toledo Ohio to Detroit airport

Driving your vehicle can provide flexibility and convenience during your journey. To reach Detroit Airport from Toledo, you can take Interstate 75 North, which connects the two cities. The drive usually takes around one hour, but it’s important to consider traffic conditions, especially during peak travel times.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is affordable and eco-friendly for travelling from Toledo Ohio to Detroit airport. Unfortunately, there is no direct public transportation route between the two locations. However, you can take a combination of buses and trains to reach Detroit, such as taking a Greyhound bus from Toledo to Detroit and then using the Detroit Metro Transit Authority (DTA) buses or the QLine streetcar to reach the airport.

Ride-Sharing Services

Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are widely available in Toledo and Detroit. They provide a convenient door-to-door transportation option. Book a ride using the respective app, and a driver will pick you up from your location in Toledo and drop you off at Detroit Airport. This option is great if you prefer not to drive or need access to a vehicle.

Accommodations near Detroit Airport

If you have an early morning flight or prefer to stay near the airport, several accommodations options are available close to Detroit Airport. Some popular hotels offering shuttle services to and from the airport include:

  • The Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport
  • Detroit Metro Airport Marriott
  • Holiday Inn Express Romulus/Detroit Airport

Exploring Toledo, Ohio

Toledo, Ohio, has charm and attractions worth exploring if you have extra time before or after your trip to the airport. Some notable places to visit in Toledo include:

  • Toledo Museum of Art
  • Toledo Zoo and Aquarium
  • Imagination Station
  • Tony Packo’s CafĂ©
  • The Toledo Botanical Garden

Must-Visit Attractions in Detroit

Detroit, also known as the Motor City, offers a rich history and vibrant cultural scene. If you have the opportunity, make sure to visit the following attractions in Detroit:

  • The Henry Ford Museum
  • Detroit Institute of Arts
  • Detroit Historical Museum
  • Detroit RiverWalk
  • Motown Museum

Shopping and Dining Opportunities

Toledo and Detroit offer a range of shopping and dining options to satisfy your cravings and provide a memorable experience. You’ll find numerous restaurants and eateries to indulge in, from local cuisines to international flavours. Additionally, there are shopping centres and outlets where you can find unique souvenirs and indulge in retail therapy.

Safety Tips for Travelers

While travelling from Toledo Ohio to Detroit airport, it’s essential to keep specific safety tips in mind:

  • Ensure your vehicle is in good condition if you choose to drive.
  • Keep your belongings secure and lock your car when parked.
  • Be cautious when using ride-sharing services and verify the driver’s identity.
  • Stay informed about the local weather conditions.
  • Follow any safety guidelines provided by the transportation service you choose.

Weather Considerations

The weather in Toledo and Detroit can vary depending on the season. It’s essential to check the weather forecast before your trip to ensure you are adequately prepared. There may be snowfall and cold temperatures in winter, while summers can be hot and humid. Pack appropriate clothing and accessories accordingly.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Toledo, Ohio, and Detroit, Michigan, is during the spring and fall seasons when the weather is pleasant and outdoor activities are enjoyable. April to June and September to October are ideal for exploring these cities without extreme temperatures or large crowds.


Travelling from Toledo Ohio to Detroit airport offers a range of transportation options and exciting opportunities to explore both cities. Whether you choose to drive, use public transportation, or opt for ride-sharing services, each travel mode has its advantages. Along the way, remember to visit attractions in Toledo and Detroit, enjoy the local cuisines, and make the most of your journey. Plan, stay safe, and have a memorable trip!

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