Top 11 MMO Games for iOS and Android (2021)


Top 11 MMO Games for iOS and Android (2021)

Good MMO games for mobile devices have become more and more in demand in recent years. A big reason for their rise in popularity is that developers can now create large and immersive console-like games on mobile devices thanks to the impressive hardware of modern phones and tablets.

And even players like Asus ROG 5 can be quite impressive, almost any modern phone from any brand and in any price range is technically good enough to handle epic MMO games.

What is an MMO?

Interested in what an MMO means? Let’s explain. MMO stands for “Massively Multiplayer Online”. As such, MMO games always take you to an environment where you can interact with other players. You can gather for parties and guilds, visit dungeons together, complete quests, kill bosses, or meet each other in a great PvP (Player vs Player) battle.

Sounds good? If so, check out the MMO recommendations below. Our list includes the finest MMO games currently available for the iPhone and iPad, as well as Android phones and tablets!

Bad country

Price: Free (with IAP)

Evil Lands is a fantasy MMO RPG with an environment reminiscent of The Elder Scrolls, namely Oblivion and Skyrim. In addition to pleasing graphics, music, and medieval-themed maps, players can enjoy co-op mode and PvP battle mode.

Once you’ve chosen what kind of hero you want to be – a warrior, wizard, or assassin, you’ll start playing right away without having to go through lengthy tutorials because the controls are standard and intuitive. Explore magical environments and prisoner-type forests where monsters lurk to collect and upgrade your robbery.

The world of kings

Price: Free (with IAP)

World of Warcraft for mobile devices may not exist, but World of Kings is a great option. Thanks to its massive open world with epic prisons, and support for up to 25 players fighting together against a variety of powerful enemies, this is a highly addictive MMO-RPG.

The game includes thorough RPG elements and pleasant graphics, intuitive mobile-friendly controls and a wide range of races and categories, even for pets.

Clear legends

Price: Free (with IAP)

Arcane Legends has been around for a while, but still has an active and loyal gaming community. This fantasy action MMO-RPG offers dungeon adventures, epic bosses, lots of prey and players joining guilds.

You can also collect and raise your own pets, play PvP against other players, or play together in cooperative mode. Arcane Legends is also one of the easiest games on this list, so you should be able to enjoy it even on the most affordable budget.

Ragnarok M: eternal love

Price: Free (with IAP)

Ragnarok M is a heavily stylized anime MMO RPG based on the 2002 Ragnarok Online game. It has lots of categories to choose from, and a well-rounded RPG game that is also quite friendly to new players. Fans of classic RPG games are especially pleased with the look and play of the Ragnarok M.

Line 2: Revolution

Price: Free (with IAP)

Based on PC MMO Lineage 2, the sheer scale of this title makes it really stand out. Its open world battle mode allows up to 200 players to fight in real time, while there are also 20 vs 20 and 50 vs 50 competing game modes.

Players can also gather big parties for attacking bosses while exploring the vast world. If you’re playing with your friends or looking for someone you like online, you can also create clans and guilds to make grouping and riding easier.

You can choose from several different character classes and races, such as Human, Elf and Dwarf. This game is also used by Unreal Engine 4, so if you love beautiful graphics, you won’t be disappointed.

AdventureQuest 3D

If you are looking for an MMO-RPG that you can enjoy with all your friends, be sure to try AdventureQuest 3D. This game provides cross-platform support between Android, iOS, and PC, which means you can collaborate with anyone, even if they use a phone, tablet, or computer.

The fun AdventureQuest 3D actually started as a 2D Flash online game, but this new classic title match re-imagines it in 3D. The graphics remind us a bit of World of Warcraft, but with a comic tilt. The title includes everything you would expect to find in a real MMO – missions, raids, social features, and PvP battles.

Old School RuneScape

Price: Free (with paid subscription options)
Charge: Android | iOS

This would not be the right MMO game choice without mentioning RuneScape. Old schoolA version of this all-time classic has now been made available for Android and iOS. What’s even better is that you can play multi-level. Whether you play on a mobile device or computer, you play on the same account and on the same game worlds.

Like the trend for most mobile apps, RuneScape is a free game, but there’s also a subscription plan that brings you a bigger world map, eight extra skills, more missions, and other bells and whistles that aren’t available for free. level.

Order and chaos 2

Price: Free (with IAP)

Gameloft’s Order & Chaos series is the most popular MMO game on two mobile platforms, and for good reason. The first game has served as an example of how big mobile MMOs can be, and its successor manages to take everything the first did well and build on it.

This game has a very large and immersive world, great graphics, 5 races and 5 different classes, and all the necessities for a complete fantasy MMO experience. If you plan to try just one MMO on mobile devices, Order & Chaos 2 is definitely worth considering.

Dungeon Hunter 5

Price: Free (with IAP)

The Dungeon Hunter series is well loved in the world of mobile gaming. However, if you haven’t heard of it yet, let us introduce you to one of the most popular hack’n’slash titles that will ever land on smartphones.

Dungeon Hunter 5 is not an MMO game in the classic sense of the term. Instead, it relies on a cooperative and asynchronous multiplayer game reminiscent of other mobile titles like Clash of Clans. During a single-player campaign, you acquire various assets for your own prison so that other players can rob you. Your dungeon also includes an AI-guided version of your own character, so if you’ve developed your base and character well enough, you might just fight other players and protect gold.

On top of that, Dungeon Hunger 5 plays a lot like a classic hack’n’slash, with polished graphics and pretty entertaining game mechanics.

Toram Online

If you enjoy anime, Toram Online is sure to appeal. However, a different art style is not the only thing that distinguishes this game from a typical mobile MMO. First of all, we have to say that Toram Online offers an incredible number of customization options, so if you are the kind of person who loves their unique character, you will definitely appreciate all the cosmetics full of this title.

Toram Online’s flexibility doesn’t end there – the game has an unclassified system where you can create your own custom structure and style of play by combining different skills, stat features and weapon types. Last but not least, the story is full of cuts and dialogue, which makes it quite immersive.

Rucoy Online

Price: Free (with IAP)

Lastly, we have an interesting indie proposal. Rucoy Online may not include the stunning graphics of Lineage 2, for example, but for nostalgia enthusiasts looking to play something reminiscent of the SNES version of Legend of Zelda, it can certainly be charming. Combat mechanics are pretty straightforward – you just tap anything you want to kill or deal with.

In addition, you have the usual level, skill, and robbery systems. What’s interesting about this game is that you can immediately switch between the three available classes – Knight, Archer and Mage. Unfortunately, as of June 2021, Rucoy Online is still not available on iOS.

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