Top 5 Indian Bowlers That Had An Impact On Their Respective Timelines

While India is not known for generating an abundance of high-class fast bowlers throughout the years, the subcontinental giants have produced a handful of great pacemen. The Indian bowling team is renowned for winning matches by capturing big wickets. A crucial development in the games is provided by both the pacers and the spinners. The ideal fast bowler will be precise enough to cause errors and test out strategies while being swift enough to terrify opposing players. In order to constantly play at a high level, they must also maintain a solid level of fitness. The pacers in India are highly skilled. Every year, their ball control, accuracy, and speed test increase the limits of Indian cricket.

Let’s look at the country’s five finest bowlers with the help of BCCI news on domestic cricket:

  • Kapil Dev

Sunil Gavaskar, an Indian batting star, has stated that Kapil Dev is the greatest impact player India has ever had. More than the wickets and runs scored, the Haryana Hurricane signalled the start of a new era in Indian cricket. He paved the door for other young cricketers in the country who wanted to be fast bowlers. For more than six years, Kapil held the record for most wickets in a test career, surpassing Sir Richard Hadlee. Kapil’s career highlights included leading India to its first World Cup championship and first series victory on English soil, but his biggest contribution was putting India on the global fast bowling map.

The famous Kapil Dev retired 28 long years ago, and that time has passed. Indian cricket hasn’t even gone close to creating an all-rounder of Kapil Dev’s calibre in the past three decades.

  • Zaheer Khan

When Zaheer Khan appeared on the international scene in 2000, India’s search for a left-arm bowler who could hurl the cherry at more than 90 miles per hour came to an end. Following an outstanding debut at the ICC Knock Out in 2000, ‘Baroda Express’ became an essential component of the Indian squad till his retirement and is credited for bowling India to World Cup victory in 2011. Tall and powerful, he could make the new ball travel in both directions and was a master of the reverse swing. Zaheer has taken over 500 international wickets and is second only to Kapil Dev on the list of India’s all-time best wicket takers. He is still involved in the Indian Premier League and is engaged in teaching the country’s future generation of fast bowlers.

In international cricket, Zaheer Khan was the first bowler to throw a knuckleball. The knuckleball was invented by Zaheer Khan back in the 2011 World Cup. He made fantastic use of that ball. He was able to eliminate players with that ball at crucial times, notably Michael Hussey against Australia in the Quarterfinal, Ian Bell and Paul Collingwood against England, Devon Smith against the West Indies, and Ian Bell and Paul Collingwood against England.

  • Javagal Srinath

Javagal Srinath, who began his career in the shadow of Kapil Dev, is another candidate for the title of India’s fastest bowler.

Srinath is the best fast bowler in India because of his 154.5 kmph ball. He is frequently referred to as The Mysore Express because of his speed and talent.

 At the height of his career, he was unquestionably the fastest man on the planet. With Srinath’s arrival, Indian fast bowlers began frequently unsettling batsmen on fast and seaming surfaces beyond the subcontinent. 

His ball travelled at a top speed of 157 km per hour (98 mph). Since Srinath was the only consistent fast bowler for India for a long time, it is thought that his workload contributed to his problems. In 1997, he had surgery on his right shoulder.

It was Unfortunate for him that, he had a career-threatening injury in 1997, forcing him to slow down his speed during his rehabilitation. With 236 wickets in 67 tests, he is the third most successful Indian fast bowler. His gentlemanly demeanour on the field garnered him many fans throughout the world, and he is currently working as an ICC Match Referee.

  • Ajit Agarkar

Ajit Agarkar is a fast-medium bowler who was plagued by injury at various periods throughout his career, preventing him from making the most of his ability with the ball.

And it is mostly his eye-catching form in the 50-over game that saw Agarkar reach this list, as he picked up a highly outstanding 288 wickets in 191 matches, including being the fastest player ever to take 50 ODI wickets.

Ajit Agarkar is one who is India’s third-highest wicket-taker in one-day internationals. He was also the fastest to reach 50 ODI wickets, complete the double of 200 wickets and 1000 runs in matches, and score the fastest fifty by an Indian, doing so in just 21 balls.

In more over 200 international games in all three game styles, he has represented India.

Despite being shorter than other fast bowlers, he is nevertheless capable of bowling at speeds of more than 90 mph (142–150 km/h).

Nonetheless, you get the impression that the all-rounder could have done so much more in his career.

  • Venkatesh Prasad

Venkatesh Prasad is on the List! Tall, Slender pace bowler who forged a lethal new-ball tandem with fellow fast bowler Javagal Srinath in the mid-nineties. This was especially true while Prasad was playing outside of the subcontinent, where his figures in both forms of the game were significantly superior to those obtained at home.

Prasad’s major strength was his ability to move the ball both ways, which he demonstrated admirably when he toured England in 1996, but his most lethal stint ever came against arch-rivals Pakistan in Chennai. This occurred in the first Test of the 1999 series, when he took six wickets for 33 runs, including a spectacular second-innings performance of five for none at one stage.

However, Prasad really excelled for his nation in the one-day form, where his deceptively slower ball frequently gave him great success while his persistent accuracy always made him difficult to score off.

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