Top 5 Shopping Tips for Effective Head Day Shopping (2021)


and Amazon Photos for unlimited photo and video storage are just a few of the benefits that come with the Prime package. If you want to know more, check out our selection the most


Make a shopping list

Of course, the first step to overcoming the crowd would be to make a shopping list. Shopping lists aren’t just used to make grocery purchases! We know this sounds like the basics, but many people end up on impulse purchases that they may not need. You don’t want to buy iPhone 12 car charger because it is cheap to later realize that you do not have a car. You can also create a real wish list. Amazon will then notify you when an item on your wish list has gone on sale.

So make a note of what you need, and be prepared to put it in your cart before it’s sold out. Smartphones, tablets, smart watches, laptops, Chromebooks, Televisions, cameras, Bluetooth speakersand headphones are trendy! In the case of certain brands, Apple, Samsung, and Amazon (duh!) have historically delivered good deals, so this year should be no exception.

Subscription offers

So far, we assumed you might not be a Prime subscriber. However, if you are already – the offers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As you may know, Amazon offers several other (subscription) services besides Prime itself.

Audible, Amazon Music Unlimited and Kindle Unlimited are the most popular, and getting a discount on them can be a great long-term investment if you love to read, listen to audiobooks, or listen to music and … who doesn’t! Are you still thinking if Prime membership is worth it?

Prime Day is not exclusive to Amazon

Ok, technically Prime Day is exclusively for Amazon, but it has had a snowball effect in terms of discounts. Do you think other big stores give Amazon all the credit? No!

The best purchase and Walmart have held great sales around the main day for years. They, too, are ordinary suspects. Usually, if you can’t find something on Amazon, it may be available there, and vice versa, so don’t definitely limit your choices.

Also, even if something is available on Amazon, that doesn’t mean you get the best price out there. Yes, this is often, but certainly not always. So again … Do your research. You might be a few clicks away to get something cheaper, and even if it was $ 10 – everyone loves a discount in addition to the discount!

We will keep you updated on offers The best purchase, Walmartand for sure Amazon, so come back!


Who doesn’t love a good bundle? Especially if you’re looking for a new phone and say new headphones /earbuds. Sony and Bose headphones have always been part of Prime Day sales.

Their premium ANC headphones are some of the best on the market. They are often included in Sony phones (for Sony headphones) and really all other Bose brands because the manufacturer is not tied to a smartphone company.

Great deals from Apple AirPodit are always on display during the main day, but why not iPhone JA pari AirPodit? That is certainly an opportunity. We look forward to seeing whether retailers offer a good discount on otherwise expensive prices AirPods Max. This may be the only way you can afford it! Apple Watch is also an iPhone accessory, so expect offers here too.

Samsung has its own ecosystem smart watches, earbuds, and more, so we expect the Korean brand to play a leading role in this year’s main day special show.

Impulse Shopping: Don’t be gullible

Prime Day is a great way to get a deal, just like that Black Fridaybut don’t let it fool you! If something is half the price, it doesn’t mean it’s the best value for money! Here is the hypothetical situation of the main day:

Apple’s AirPods Max store for $ 549 at Amazon lowers the price to $ 349. Sounds good? It is. However, are you sure the AirPods Max are the cheapest headphones, up to $ 349?

For some, they are – especially locked in Apple’s ecosystem. However, Sony and Bose offer similar headphones that may be more compatible with your devices – smartphone / computer.

So this does not become a comparison, but AirPods are very high-end, but much heavier. What is your priority? They have magnetic ear cups, but they charge with a flash. Are you using an Android phone with USB-C? We’re sure you understand … Don’t buy something just because it’s discounted.

Go back to on Main Day and Black Friday when we choose the best technical offers to make it easier for you to stay up to date with all the offers! Spoiler: There will be a lot of them!


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