Top-down shooter Space Punks reported to the PC and consoles


Jagex Partners and Polish developer Flying Wild Hog have announced the latest game, Space Punks. This top-down role-playing game is Jagex Partners ’first headline and will be released on Early Access for PC on July 14 and on consoles in 2022. A new trailer has been released (see below) that provides a glimpse into robbery shooting.

Space mites

Space Punks takes players around the galaxy in a unique sci-fi environment where they can choose from four different characters for crazy top action. Players seek fame and fortune by making lucrative contracts on distant planets. There are a variety of weapons and equipment that players can use to destroy various monsters, aliens, and defective robots.

The game is designed so that every location visited is a living, breathing and ever-changing world where everything is unexpected and exciting.

Flying Wild Hog and Jagex Partners present Space Punks, a cooperative RPG that arrives on an Early Access computer on a PC on July 14, 2021. Get ready to copy space for a new one!

Space Punks brings fast-paced fun and excitement to gamers on PCs and consoles. Beware of the game in Early Access on July 4th and Open Beta this winter on PC and the console release in 2022.

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