Top-toaster company announces launch of 5G Android smartphone business


Hi, if you can build a high-end toaster, you should have no problem making and selling an Android phone, right? Toaster according to Balmuda (through Nikkei Asia), a high – end toaster manufacturer whose toasters stand out in Japan due to their unique designs and features, is entering the smartphone market. The company, which has no production facilities, expects its production partner Kyocera to start replacing mobile phones by next November.
Balmuda is designing a phone. The 5G-compatible handset is exclusively offered by SoftBank, and the models are available with or without a SIM card.

Balmuda CEO General Terao said on Thursday: “Smartphones seem to be similar today, and consumers have few options. This offers us an opportunity. We aim to become number one in terms of uniqueness, not market share.” During its first year of mobile phone production, Balmuda hopes to deliver $ 24.6 million in smartphone sales.

Terao says, “This is the biggest market we can take.” The CEO did not mention the price range for the new phone line, but he said the new phones “are not just a sleek device”. He promised to create his own apps and provide “stunning phones for everyday use.”

Balmuda is known in Japan for its fans who supply “natural wind winds” and $ 300 toasters who use steam technology to toast bread. But can a company move from toaster manufacturing to designing a smartphone that sells? It is noted that its first-quarter operating profit increased fivefold year-on-year to 454 million yen ($ 4.15 million), compared with a capital gain of 93 to 3.7 billion yen ($ 33.8 million) during the first quarter.

This would seem to be a favorable time for Balmuda to branch out into smartphones.


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