Trading Animals in the Share Market

  1. Bulls – The Optimistic

The bulls symbolize investors or traders who are bullish about the stock market’s future prospects. They anticipate the market’s rising trend will continue. Bulls are those who drive up the value of a company’s stock.

  1. Bears – The Pessimistic

Investors or traders who are the polar opposites of bulls are known as bears. They believe the market is on the verge of collapsing. A bear market is one in which things aren’t going well and there appears to be a long-term fall.

  1. Rabbits

Traders or investors that take a stake for a relatively short amount of time are referred to as rabbits. These traders’ trading time is usually measured in minutes.

4. Turtles

Investors who are sluggish to purchase, sell, and trade for the long term are known as turtles. They look at the long term and strive to make the fewest number of trades possible.

  1. Pigs

Impatient, eager to take huge risks, greedy, and emotional, these investors or traders are impatient. The Pigs don’t perform any kind of research and are always on the lookout for hot recommendations in order to make quick money on the stock market.

  1. Ostrich 

Investors who bury their heads in the sand during weak markets in the hopes that their portfolio will not be seriously impacted are known as ostriches.

Negative news is ignored by these investors in the hope that it will go away and have no influence on their investments.

  1. Chickens

Chicken investors are people who are afraid of the stock market and hence avoid taking chances. They avoid market risks by investing in conservative products including bonds, bank deposits, and government securities.

8. Sheep

Sheep are investors who stick to a single investing strategy and do not adjust it based on market conditions.

They are frequently the last to join an uptrend and the last to exit a decline.

  1. Dogs

Stocks that have been knocked down by the market owing to poor performance are known as dogs. Many financial professionals are keeping a close eye on the dog stocks because they believe they will recover in the coming days.

  1. Wolves

Wolves are wealthy investors and traders who profit from the stock market by immoral means. The majority of the time, these wolves are behind the scams that move the stock market when they come to light.

Harshad Mehta, for example, is known as the wolf of Dalal Street.

11. Whales

When they purchase or sell in the market, these are the huge investors that can change the stock price. If you trade with the correct whale, you can make a lot of money.

  1. Sharks

Shares are used by traders who are just interested in making money. They enter the stock market, make money, and then leave. Big, intricate methods of getting money from the market pique the sharks’ curiosity.

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