Trailer for British horror The Darkness starring Amelia Eve


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In front of its digital release on Monday, there has been a trailer for the upcoming horror of author-director Tharun Mohan Darkness whose stars Amelia Eve and Cyril Blake as a couple move to a secluded home in Ireland to escape their busy London lives only when they have to become entangled in a century-long mystery of property, exchange and witchcraft; watch the trailer here …

A hundred years of mythology and folklore are replete with the present day where author Lisa (Amelia Eve – The Haunting Of Bly Manor) and entrepreneur David (Cyril Blake – Waiting Game) desperately want to take a short break from their busy hustle and bustle. London lives. They live in an old secluded home in Ballyvadle, Ireland, where Lisa is going to start writing a new book and David has a work plan … but there are other ideas in the house.

When strange things start to happen, Lisa uses her investigative skills to find memoirs of a woman named Niav (Katherine Hartshorne – the happiest day) and dig deep into the past. But opening long closed doors has awakened a dormant evil spirit … and now the nightmare begins.

When the couple finds themselves in a century-long mystery of wealth, exchange, and witchcraft, their only hope of help is a strange priest named George.

Can they escape the demonic whole and the dark past deep within the walls of this horror-filled area?


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