Try not to facepalm with these cringeworthy memes

There’s something about cringe content which just scratches a devilish itch for the masses. It’s like a train crash – we’re horrified by cringe material, but we can’t seem to look away. There’s a burgeoning industry dedicated to cringe content in 2021, from YouTube compilations to hit reality shows. Cringe has become a household word in the 2020s, and although we probably won’t admit our pleasure, we simply love to see it.
Dank memes are on the cutting edge of the cultural conversation, so of course, there’s a plethora of cringe memes begging us all to facepalm upon a single glance of them. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered up all the cringiest memes from Twitter, which you can guiltlessly peek at after having “accidentally” clicked our link. Why are you like this? Leave the big questions alone, and give into your instincts. 
Check out all the best cringeworthy memes from Twitter we could find. Take your glasses off, though, you might end up with a facepalm or two.
i bet they like cringe minion facebook memes
— jaz (@jinri4eva) September 7, 2021

Were the Minions created simply to trigger facepalm after facepalm across the globe? The little yellow folks have transcended their role on the silver screen to come up on nearly every stitch of clothing, party favor, and meme imaginable. Here’s some classic Minions Facebook cringe content.
modern au francis sharing these cringe minion memes on his facebook (set up in 2009, profile picture not changed since 2011) and getting two reactions (blanky- like, unironic, and jopson- laugh react, because his unfailing loyalty also spreads to memes)
— HMS Clio’s Cheetah (@fadladinida) September 7, 2021

Wow, this Minion really throws the hammer down in this meme (shudder).
Very cringe
— Bad Console War Memes (@badconsolewar) September 13, 2021

Coders are on the cutting edge of cringe memes. This one pointing out the evolution of Venom in the Spider-Man games is sure to give a facepalm to any gamer.
ops, I cringe-posted again, sry
— memes (@MemesCentraI) September 7, 2021

Graphic designers often obsess over the differences in coded shades of color on the web. This one will make even the biggest purple-lover enter the cringe zone.
[Meme] Please don’t boo… ( Cringe intended)
— Coders Humour 👓 (@Coders_Humour) September 12, 2021

Could there be anything cringier than a coder romance? If there is, we haven’t found it yet.
— 🦂MandriII🦂 (@Digested_Sand) September 12, 2021

Anime is so vast with screenshots, you can make a cringe meme for almost anything. Case in point: the difference between boys & girls (eyeroll).
— 🦂MandriII🦂 (@Digested_Sand) September 12, 2021

Depression is no joke, but trying to blow everyone’s mind with the most cliché take of all time is nothing but cringe.
it’s cringe that i made “meme” but it’s more cringe that my ifunny username was WalkingBeatlesCrafter because i liked The Walking Dead, The Beatles and Minecraft at the big age of 14
— bekah (@chic_geek14) September 14, 2021

This G-rated cringe takes us back to one of the most facepalm memes of all time. Please, let’s not start saying “all the blank” again.
Not even hockey is safe from cringe memes.
— 😎HAHA DAE MINIONS!!!😎 (@Cringetopia20) September 8, 2021

Here’s a cringe meme straight out of the dad joke drawer. Good god.
memes ig sorry if it’s cringe 😩 #YourBoyfriendgame #YourBoyfriendfanart
— Lechugato 🔞 (@deepmilked) September 15, 2021

Nothing’s cringier than boyfriend girlfriend zoomer memes. Okay, now we’re done.

What’s the cringiest meme format for you? Sound off in the comments below!
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