Turbo Kid returns to the prequel comic with Apple’s lost adventure


We don’t just have a sequel and video game based on the 2015 cult film Turbo Kid but Behemoth Comics ’Happy Tank has announced plans to release a prequel comic book series called Turbo Kid: Apple’s lost adventure.

The series, written by RKSS’s creative team of filmmakers and filmed by the film’s screenwriter Jeik Dion, explores the origins of the fans ’favorite Apple and the events that led him to Kid.

“Working with RKSS Turbo Kid the franchise brought me back at the age of 8. I woke up in front of my parents on Saturday morning as I prepared to watch the cartoons for hours, ”artist Dion said. “It’s exactly that, but a lot more blood.”

“I always looked up Turbo Kid as inspiration, ”added Happy Tank Publisher Kevin Roditeli. “It’s the biggest indie movie ever (in Quebec, Canada). It’s not patriotic, but it’s exciting and special to have the opportunity to participate in this franchise. If you’re a music brand from Toronto and Drake asks you to sign his album, you say HELL YES! And be proud. That’s how I feel now. RKSS and Jeik Dion are talented beasts. “




Turbo Kid: Apple’s Lost Adventure # 1 goes on sale in September 2021.

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