Twitch’s new Stream display ads are less intrusive ad types


Twitch tries a new type of ad format for streamers which seems to be much less distracting than the pre-video and mid-video ads that take over the entire Stream. New ads, called Stream Display Ads, instead appear below or around someone’s Stream, but don’t prevent you from seeing or hearing what’s going on.

You can get an idea of ​​what one style, which is a banner ad, looks like in this Twitch tweet.

Ads can also capture more impressions, such as:

New Twitch ads can also use more display properties.
Photo: Twitch

Ads run for 10 seconds, and you can’t pause or minimize them while they’re running. According to the Twitch FAQ. They appear automatically, and Twitch promises it there no more than eight hours. This amount “can fluctuate as demand changes,” the company says.

I find it hard to believe that I’m excited about the ad format, but I feel like I like these new ads more than the current pre-video and mid-video ads, which prevents me from seeing the real stream myself. I’m sure these new ads will also annoy me at some point, but since they allow me to continue watching the stream without too much interruption, I think I’m going to disturb them a lot less.

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