Twitter admits it verified several fake accounts


According to Twitter, it has permanently suspended a “small number” of forged accounts, which it accidentally checked only weeks after the public authentication program Daily point reports. The error came after data scientist Conspirador Norteño found six verified accounts which was recently created on June 16th. None of them had sent any tweets, and two used profile photos as scene photos.

“We incorrectly approved audit requests for small amounts of false (counterfeit) accounts,” Twitter said. Daily point in the opinion. “We have now permanently suspended those accounts and removed their verified ID in accordance with our platform handling and spam policies.”

The incident suggests that there are problems with the Twitter verification process and it doesn’t catch on seemingly fake accounts that shouldn’t be worth the coveted blue mark on the platform. Twitter recently restarted public audit applications revised eligibility criteria based on the idea that the account should begenuine, significant and active“Worth a certificate. The identified accounts were clearly not these.

As Norteño explains in the Twitter thread, the six accounts had 976 suspicious followers – all created between the 19th and 20th. June – and many of them used profile pictures created by artificial intelligence. In total, Norteño says they were part of a botnet that consisted of at least 1,212 accounts.

Since this writing, Twitter has suspended five of the six verified accounts, while the sixth appears to have deactivated its own profile. Most of the supporting botnets have also been removed, Norteño says. But the case raises questions about how the accounts were first verified and why Twitter’s processes didn’t tag them until a third-party investigator found them.

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