Twitter hires a team behind the news summary app


Twitter brings team building In short, an application that summarizes the news, the company announced on Tuesday. A four-person Brief team is working on projects that support features like Spaces and Explore, a Twitter spokesman says Limit.

Twitter declined to share details of the terms of the deal, but a spokesman said Twitter would not buy the Brief business; rather, this is an acquisition because it only brings in a team working on the app. The Brief app will be discontinued on July 31, and subscribers will see a notification of an upcoming change on Tuesday.

The short acquisition continues Twitter’s recent trend of acquiring news and acquiring talent. The company purchased a Scroll subscription service that removes ads from news sites, in May, and said the service would then be a “meaningful addition to our commissioned work”. However, it has not yet materialized; a Twitter Blue subscription product was released in June in Canada and Australia, and while it had a reader mode that makes chains easier to read, the scroll-type feature is not part of the product right now. Twitter also bought newsletter service Revue in January.

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