Twitter is testing the newsletter subscription button on its profile pages


Twitter on feature testing which makes its use even more attractive the recently acquired Revue newsletter platform: the ability to subscribe to a newsletter directly from your Twitter profile without having to follow a link to a separate website. Feature can be enabled by all authors of the Revue newsletter, but the button will initially only be shown to a test group of Twitter users on Android and the web.

The subscribe button must be turned on in Revue settings before it can appear on Twitter. Visually, the new button and newsletter card appear below your Twitter bios almost like a pinned tweet with the title, photo, short description, and actual subscription button for your Revue newsletter. Tapping the button brings up a dialog box that reminds you of what you’re doing (this person you’re following on Twitter now has your email) and you can read the sample issue of the newsletter and subscribe to it.

It’s a very simple feature, but possibly very relevant to one who is considering starting a newsletter – or moving to the Twitter platform. While writing a newsletter can theoretically be successful for anyone, financially successful newsletters are often written by people with an established writing career, an established successor, or both. Twitter has now made it dramatically easier to turn a follower into a subscriber with a few taps. It’s a lot less clumsy than having a Substack link on your profile.

Easy newsletter subscriptions are just the latest offering in Twitter’s rapidly expanding feature set, several of which are also hosted on the profile page. The company began experimenting with collecting direct payments a Tip Jar feature in May. It is also in use shopping carousel for certain brands which allows you to buy products without leaving Twitter. A profile page is a space often used by content providers to link to competing newsletter and subscription products, but if Twitter gets its way, you may never leave its app.

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