Twitter lets you change who can reply to a tweet after posting


Twitter will introduce the ability to let you change who can reply to a tweet once you’ve posted it, the company announced Tuesday. You can already restrict who responded to your tweets with the feature spread widely in August, but you had to set this setting when composing a tweet – with this update you can change who can reply later, which can be a useful way to reduce harassment. The feature is available worldwide on iOS, Android and online.

To change who can answer, click or tap the three-point menu in the tweet and look for an option in the menu that appears. You can do this so that everyone can reply, only the people you follow can reply, or only the people you mention on Tweet can reply.

The feature is the latest example of how Twitter works to give users better control over who can interact with what they post. On July 1, Twitter introduced some ideas it is considering gives users more control, like the ability to tweet to “Trusted Friends,” and a way to tweet your online personality from different parts of the world, like work and joke yourself.

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