Twitter makes small changes to direct messages


Twitter said Thursday that it is introduces several new updates its instant messages, which will be published to some users within a few weeks. The changes include the ability to send a direct message to multiple people in separate conversations because none of us have accidentally started a group conversation this way. Now you can share a tweet in up to 20 separate DM conversations if the gossip is hot enough to share with several individual tweets at once.

The feature is coming to Twitter’s iOS and online versions first and Android “soon”.

For iOS users, Twitter adjusts DM timestamps; now instead of stamping the date and time of each message in the DM conversation, messages are grouped daily. This reduces “time stamp clutter,” Twitter says. And iOS users will soon be able to use the “add reaction” buttons not only by double-tapping but also press and hold the message.

Android users, sorry, but you are waiting for access to these last two features, even if you get a chance with iOS users quickly scroll through the DM conversation and press the down arrow button to return to the last message.

Twitter has added many new features in recent months, including a new process for reporting incorrect COVID information, API update to make it easier other applications to point it to Spaces voice discussions and a change its font. In addition to the new DM features, Twitter also announced Thursday that it is testing a feature that would make it easier to use users can subscribe to Twitter users’ Revue newsletters directly from your Twitter profile. This starts for network and Android users.

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