Twitter may add sound effects to Spaces


Twitter may add sound effects to the voice chat platform Spaces, which is a Twitter-Sleuth post Jane Manchum Wong suggests. Wong tweets that, according to his research, Twitter works as it is called a Voice Transformer, which allows users to change the pitch of the sound or increase the echo effects.

Twitter started Deployment of Spaces in its iOS app for a limited group of people in June 2020. It added Android app in March and a desktop version in April (by Wong also predicted).

Sound effects may sound like a small feature, but it can make the app easier to access. In particular, volume control can prove to be very useful for people who are self-conscious about how their voices sound in online forums and to the women to whom they are exposed noise-related harassment or dealing with oversight of their sound style. And for people who want to remain anonymous on Twitter, this may be a way to cover their voices, but still participate in Spaces.

Twitter did not respond immediately to the request for comment on Thursday, but Wong’s research is typically solid. For example, he predicted Twitter Drip jar as well as Twitter blue, its subscription service before them official launches.

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