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Twitter is returning to the shopping area as it has now begun testing the new Shop Module feature. This feature allows companies to create a shopping section at the top of their profile so people can buy products. This will come after Twitter Add a “Buy” button back in 2014, which was finally dropped in 2017.

This option allows users to surf through several different brands of products. They can still tap on the product they want to buy, know more and see pictures of the product.

Twitter Shop module.  Photo: Twitter

Twitter Shop module. Photo: Twitter

The feature is currently being tested in the U.S. with a few brands. It is also available for iOS users who use the app in English. It is expected to soon reach more users in different countries.

Twitter said in a blog post: “With this pilot, we can explore how our committed, responsive and conversational audience reacts to products that are mentally charged – like a new leotard on your favorite sport team – or that provide a lasting impact – like a new skincare program. constantly, what shopping experiences people like Twitter“.

This feature is similar to Facebook application, Instagram, and even WhatsApp. Both Facebook features allow people to explore items from different companies and buy the product they want directly from the app.

This is happening after Twitter has made several attempts to commercialize non-advertisements. Recently, Twitter introduced Twitter Blue paid subscription which inherits from people access to exclusive properties.

There is also a new one Tip Jar feature which allows people to get tips from other users on their tweets. This feature gives the microblogging site a reward.


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