Twitter will add subtitles to audio tweets more than a year after their first release


Twitter is now publishing audio lyrics, the company announced on Thursday. Twitter first posted Voice Tweets in June 2020, but they were was quickly criticized at the time for the sake of accessibility, supports the absence of subtitles.

When you make an audio message (something you can only do in the iOS app right now), subtitles are automatically created in supported languages ​​such as English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, French, Indonesian, Korean, and Italian.

To see the subtitles in the tweet, click or tap the CC icon in the upper right corner of the audio tweet window. Captions only appear in new audio tweets, Twitter says Edge, so you don’t see them in the parents.

Below is a screenshot of what the captions and CC icon look like online, taken from an audio tweet I made while writing this article:

You can also try listening my voice tweet here and follows captions, although I warn you that my tweet will eventually be deleted automatically. If you read this article shortly after it is published, the audio tweet may be gone.

When Voice Tweets was launched, it also emerged that Twitter didn’t have a dedicated team for accessibility at the time – instead, employees had volunteer time to volunteer. The company has since fixed it and announced the formation of teams focus on accessibility in September.

“As part of our ongoing work to make Twitter accessible to everyone, we’re releasing Voice Tweets’ automatic subtitles for iOS, ”Gurpreet Kaur, Twitter’s director of global accessibility, said in a statement. “While it’s still early and we know it’s not perfect at first, it’s one of many steps we’re expanding and strengthening the accessibility of our service, and we look forward to continuing our journey to create a truly comprehensive service.”

Twitter too offers subtitles on Twitter Spaces, social sound rooms like its clubhouse.

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