Twitter will increase third-party registration with Apple or Google


Twitter has introduced third-party login support, which allow users to create accounts and log in to the social network with their Apple or Google account (through 9–5 Mac). At this time, there doesn’t seem to be a way to link your Apple or Google Account to an existing Twitter account, so third-party sign-in is (at least for now) limited to features created with this feature.

Feature reportedly appeared on Twitter beta last monthbut now it seems to be more widely available. I was able to create a Twitter account using my Apple account, and the process was like a more streamlined version of the regular sign-in process – there were no emails or passwords to process, and when I signed in to Google, it even brought a profile picture I use with my Google Account.

Currently, the login experience is not universal. Google sign-in is possible on iOS, Android, and web devices, but with Apple only iOS is currently available (although online support is coming soon, According to Twitter support). The current version of the Twitter for Mac desktop application does not seem to support either sign-in method.

It doesn’t seem possible to sign in to an account created with Apple on Android — there is no Continue with Apple button, and using traditional Twitter login with my Apple ID password didn’t seem to work.

Also, you don’t seem to be able to change your password after you’ve created your account with your Apple login because the page asks for your current password. Twitter support page mentions the possibility to disconnect from your Apple or Google account, but it’s just a web that Apple users can’t sign in to yet. (Google users can reset their password after disconnecting accounts.) We’ve contacted Twitter to see if this process should work, if it’s done differently, or if it’s not currently possible.

It’s probably no coincidence that Sign in with Google and Sign in with Apple start at the same time – Apple App Store instructions requires applications to include the Apple option if the application allows other third-party logins.

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