Twitter will suspend its verification program again after giving false accounts to blue checks


Twitter is once again stopping its apps from its confirmation program, saying it needs to work on an app and review process that will let people into the blue check mark club. This change is coming after Twitter has admitted that a number of false accounts that were said to be part of a botnet incorrectly checked.

If you’ve recently applied for confirmation, you have a chance to get it – Twitter Verified has said it will continue to review existing applications, so freezing only prevents new people from applying. Twitter has not announced any changes the criteria on the basis of which it considers the accounts to be verifiable or not. The company did not respond immediately to the request for comment.

This is not the first time Twitter has suspended its verification program suspend the public process in 2017, after receiving a backlash from securing one organizer behind the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville. It brought back a revised version in 2021 – and discontinued after one week due to an avalanche of requests.

The start-stop issues that Twitter has had with its Verified program speak to the difficulties that can arise from issuing an account, which users sometimes see as approval. Twitter says the purpose of the logo is to indicate that the account is “genuine, significant and active,but even these criteria can lead to controversy when undeniably significant people reject their applications (especially when apparently fake accounts survive).

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