Twitter’s decentralized social networking project finally has a leader


Blue sky, A Twitter – funded activity to create a decentralized social network standard, has finally found a project manager – the creator of Happening, Jay Graber. Bluesky and Graber have also begun hiring the first developers of the project, which means that a slowly worsening project may eventually become a little less “blue sky” and a little more real.

In addition to work management experience Happening event organization features, Graber worked Zcash, an encryption currency created by the Electric Coin Company, which uses zero-data encryption to protect transactions. Graber was also one of the authors a report released by Bluesky in January research on distributed network systems.

Although the report did not explain how Bluesky itself would work, it highlighted some areas that Graber and his team need to address when the project achieves protocol developer and Web developer full-time, such as control, privacy and commercialization standards. It’s less clear if Bluesky builds on existing decentralized projects like ActivityPub, the social networking standard used in Mastodon, or creates something new.

If you’ve invested in Bluesky’s ongoing work in space, especially now that there’s a leader who gets things moving, Graber also said the project is own Discord, followed by development and discuss parts of the project as announced. Hopefully this happens more often now that Graber is in charge.

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