Twitter’s short-lived fleets will finally disappear on August 3rd


Twitter celebrates Fleece, its stories are reminiscent of short messages on August 3, which means that depending on when you read this, you may only have hours to release the fleet that you have been thinking for months to the world.

And please – no, beg: send fleets. I need entertainment to start my month.

I know there are already a lot of different places where you can share outdated messages. Snapchat. Instagram. Facebook. Even on LinkedIn. And this huge number of choices is probably part of why Fleets never went up. Why share outdated posts on Twitter when many other apps have provided better tools for it over the years? Even on my iPhone 12 Mini, my Fleets bar rarely filled up.

But let’s change this to just one day to send Fleets in glory. I have participated in the subject and sent my last (and first) fleet. It’s a bad fleet, so don’t leave me on the island – help me by sending better fleets.

Unfortunately, this annoying bar at the top of the Twitter app doesn’t completely disappear when Fleets goes to a large social media cemetery. Instead, it displays active Spaces modes, its social sound rooms (another feature that appears in some form or format zillion other applicationsincluding LinkedIn). But until Spaces takes over, the Fleets bar is finally filled with the best (or crying) stuff.

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