Two Ponies eras collide with My Little Pony: Generations


Nearly a decade after the release of IDW Publishing’s Little Pony: Friendship is magic is scheduled to end in September at # 102, but don’t be afraid of the fans as the release is underway in October My Little Pony: Generations, a brand new five – digit mini series that sees Friendship is magic Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Rarity along with their G1 colleagues.


“I’m so grateful to IDW and Hasbro for letting me tell this fun and enthusiastic story that brings some of my childhood to the present day,” author Casey Gilly said. “As much as I loved writing it, the best thing has been to see Michela’s incredible art breathe life into it – every page is so vibrant, so charming and explosive just for talent. I hope all My Little Pony fans can reconnect with the characters of the past, enjoy Mane 6 in another wild adventure and fall in love with a couple of sassy, ​​powerful, teenage witches like I have. “

“It’s exciting to work with the characters I’ve grown up with and get a chance to create new characters … especially the bad guys. Everyone loves bad guys!” Adds artist Michela Cacciatore.

“We are so incredibly grateful that the fans have followed us for over 100 magic, fun and, most importantly, friendship – and this is not the end!” notes the reporter Megan Brown. “From My Little Pony: Generations – a great crossover brought to life by the great team of Casey Gilly and Michela Cacciatore, finally taking old classics and new favorites – we have a lot more adventures. “



My Little Pony: Generations # 1 will go on sale in October 2021.

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