Ultimate Xbox Game Pass: Three months for $ 30


If you are a player, Xbox Game Pass is one of the best deals in town. Microsoft’s popular subscription service – which was advertised more than 18 million subscribers earlier this year – has been dubbed ‘Video Games Netflix’, namely because it offers access to more than one hundred Xbox titles a fixed monthly fee. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate takes it a step further by combining Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold, giving subscribers access to exclusive offers, online multiplayer, EA Play games and Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, xCloud, which is now widely available on iOS and PC.

Usually, a three-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription costs $ 45. And at the same time Microsoft’s ongoing promotion drops the price to $ 1 for new subscribers, it is not available for returning players. Fortunately, Verge readers can buy a a three-month subscription at Eneba for $ 30, as long as there is enough stuff. The sale price varies with about $ 30.85 (service charges), but if you use a promotional code XGPU3VERGE, the price should be only $ 30 at checkout.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (three month subscription)

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate combines Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold into one package. Subscribers also have access to Microsoft’s cloud game service, xCloud, which is compatible with Android devices, iOS, and some browsers.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 is not a direct sequel Galaxy Chromebook – and it’s better. The mid-range Chromebook hits all the right brands, while maintaining an affordable price tag that gets even more appealing when you consider it Current selling price Best Buy: $ 600. For the money, you get a working laptop with a gorgeous QLED display, an all-day battery, and a bright, eye-catching finish that is sure to turn heads anywhere (it’s also available in “mercury gray”). It’s one the best Chromebooks you can buy it, and it comes with 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and a Core i3 processor that should be enough for everyday use. Read our reviews.

Like its predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 6 is easily the best smart watch available for the iPhone. The Series 6 offers numerous health features and an always-on display, and has a built-in sleep monitor and a strong ecosystem of third-party complications like no other smart watch manufacturer. The deep integration of the watch with the iPhone only increases the attractiveness of wearables alongside watchOS 7, which is a mobile operating system designed to handle all the expectations of a smart watch.

Normally for $ 430 you can buy a 44mm GPS compatible Apple Watch Series 6 Target now $ 360, one of the best prices we have seen on this model in recent months. Read our reviews.

Apple Watch Series 6 (44 mm, GPS)

The larger Apple Watch Series 6 is better suited for people with large wrists or for those who want a larger screen than the 40mm Series 6.

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