Under Armor’s new smart fabric moves away more than just sweat


Under Armor has launched a new fabric design for sportswear that effectively transfers heat away from your body to your fitness. Iso-Chill The material has flat, strip-shaped fibers that sit snugly against the skin than a conventional acrylic fabric with titanium dioxide treatment to conduct heat.

Under Armor says the cooling effect doesn’t wear off, no matter how many times you clean your package (chemical scientists have found that titanium dioxide coatings are particularly resistant to washing), and the range includes men’s and women’s equipment for a wide range of sports, both indoors and outdoors.

There is a range of Pinnacle outfits with laser-cut holes and tied seams, as well as a cheaper range of products that are still designed to be undisturbed but more conventional in design.

Under Armor Iso-Chill

Jade Jones (Image credit: Under Armor)

We’ll be putting Iso-Chill material into the test soon so we can see how it compares to our normal training gear as the temperature rises.

Keep your head cold


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