Undying Moon arrives on Steam Early Access


Konami and indie developer GuruGuru have released a new 2D hacking-Rashevan, GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon, Early Access on Steam. This early version of the game features eight game levels as well as a harbor of the original Japanese Famicom game, a digital art book, and an original mini-soundtrack, all priced at 19.99 / 24.99 / 24.99.


GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon takes players into a dark fantasy world where the gates of hell are torn open, allowing a flood of evil demon spirits to flow into the world and ruin it with their evil. In the role of clan leader Getsu Fuma, players travel to the pits of hell to destroy the evil at its roots. Fortunately, players have weapons and equipment to suit all styles of play.


  • Brutal Boss Battles – A revamped demon lord, a huge millipede, and a five-headed Hydra are just some of the unexpected bosses.
  • Dynamic Weapon-Based Battle – Control a wide variety of weapon types, including katanas, parachutes, and spears.
  • Genuine roguelite action – New map layouts and challenges for every business. Permanent upgrades and customizable weapons no matter how many times you die.
  • Immersive Weapon Upgrade – Fully control the ability to collect, improve, and unleash the capabilities of the main and alias weapons.
  • Soul Eaters Power System – At each descent, gather souls from the fallen and use them as a power source.
  • A world with a Japanese Ukiyo-e art style inspires graphics and vibrant, dynamic 2D animations.

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon is now available Steam Early Access.


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