United Airlines allows passengers to order food and snacks online before flights


United Airlines informed passengers of a new option to order food, snacks and drinks online up to five days before the scheduled flight. Orders can be placed either on United’s website or through the airline’s mobile app. United claims it is the “first and only” airline to give financial customers this option.

Previously, only premium customers on certain eligible flights could order their food and beverages. Now United is expanding the opportunity to all ticket holders. First, only passengers on flights from Chicago to Honolulu; Orange County, California; Sacramento, California; and San Diego can order food and beverages in advance. But in early fall, United says it will expand the option to passengers on all flights over 1,500 miles.

United has added amenities and eliminated harmful payments with a strategy that helps lure customers back to their machines. Last year, the airline stopped permanently change the remuneration policy, followed by its main competitors Delta and American quickly. United also recently added a Bluetooth option for in-flight entertainment. With customer demand still below pre-pandemic levels, air transport as a whole aims to make flying safe, stress-free and, above all, cheap.

United is billing for a pre-order option for food and beverages as a way to improve service, allowing flight attendants to move through cabins faster and provide a more personalized service to passengers. Pre-bookings are handled by United’s contactless payment system, which the airline also claims is safer for passengers and flight attendants (although the evidence suggests it COVID is rarely transmitted through surface contact).

Customers who choose not to order food and beverages can still do so during the flight. But United urges customers to download their credit card app into their digital wallet to facilitate contactless payments on board.

Earlier this year, United announced new food and beverage menus for flights of more than two hours, including the White Claw brand of alcoholic beverages.

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