Universal dominated ticket sales on July 4, claiming the top three



Releasing two films in one weekend is usually risky for a film studio, but Universal Pictures saw the gap and took it. During the fourth weekend in July in the states, Universal dominated the box office with three films among the top three.

The three-spot universal landing is the first time the studio has done so in 2005, and the first time for Universal since 1989. This weekend was also the first weekend since March 2020, with all top ten films earning more than $ 1 million.

The leading packaging is F9: Fast saga, is expected to bring in $ 24 million over the weekend. This draw marks a 66% drop from the opening weekend, but according to industry sources, it is on average for a film. The film’s domestic total so far is about $ 125.8 million, and will soon surpass the global total of more than $ 500 million.

The second place is Boss baby: back to business, which fell $ 17.4 million for three days and $ 23.1 million for four days. These numbers may be affected by the fact that the film is available from Peacock at no extra charge. The animated film will probably live well during the summer months.

And finally, Eternal cleansing brought in $ 12.75 million over the weekend. Even with pandemic box office revenue, this is a severe blow to a franchise company that typically opens $ 20-30 million.

Rounding out the top five is Quiet place II fourth, by another $ 4.2 million, bringing the total to $ 145 million. The fifth is The bodyguard of Hitman’s wife $ 3 million, bringing the total domestic amount to $ 32.2 million.


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