Universal, DreamWorks movies will hit Peacock within four months of theatrical releases


From early next year, Universal theatrical releases will be transferred to Peacock on an exclusive basis no later than four months after their premiere in movie theaters – a clear offer to win subscribers who may have forgotten the studio’s movie screens on silver screen.

In addition to Universal titles, the multi-year contract will also see DreamWorks, Illumination and Focus Films. As part of the deal, departments will move to Peacock in the first four months and last four months of a traditional 18-month pay-one window, companies announced Tuesday. (Pay-one refers to agreements between services and studios for the first rights to stream movies and content after their first release.)

Universal’s 2022 film catalog includes some expected releases. The spokesman confirmed Limit that all Universal Filmed Entertainment Group releases next year – inclusive Jurassic World: Dominion, the anonymous horror film Jordan Peele, Minions: Grun riseand Bag boots: last wish – hits Peacock no later than four months after the release of the films as part of the contract.

During the 10-month period between these two windows, the titles will be transferred to other streaming services. This release model allows “multiple audiences in a variety of streaming services to experience Universal’s award-winning and critically acclaimed film disc,” the companies said. As part of the deal, which begins in 2022, Universal will also produce exclusive publications for Peacock.

With its votes, Peacock bets on major streaming rights to Universal’s much-anticipated 2022 Movie List to attract potential subscribers to the recently launched streaming service. Peter Levinsohn, vice president and distribution manager at Universal Filmed Entertainment Group, said in a statement that the company “was excited to become Peacock’s first Pay-One partner, while the platform continues to curate and build an extensive movie library that will delight its rapidly growing subscriber base.”

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