Venom 2: Release Date, Casting and Everything We Know


Everyone’s favorite symbiote is back – and he brings friends.

Sony Pictures’ Poison actor Tom Hardy as a long-time attacker of Spider-Man, and while the 2018 film didn’t click with critics, the audience loved the charm of its camp. The hero character will become even more important for Sony ‘s plans only when Venom: Let there be massacre, which has received a new release date and official title.

Directed by Andy Serkis, Venom: Let there be massacre is scheduled to enter theaters on June 25, 2021, and brings Hardy back as Eddie Brock, Venom’s human host, as well as Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady, the murderous host of the new symbiote, Carnage. Michelle Williams and Reid Scott will also return to the sequel, according to Naomie Harris. Here is everything we know Venom: Let there be massacre so far away.

The first trailer

The first trailer Venom: Let there be massacre is here and despite a surprisingly gentle start, it certainly matches the subheading. Look at us complete specification trailer and what to expect in June.

Publication date and title

Originally scheduled to be in theaters in October, Venom: Let there be massacre its release date was postponed to June 25, 2021 due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. On the same day that the film’s new premiere was announced, the studio also revealed the full official name of the film.

Venom: Let there be massacre follows the publication Morbius, another Spider-Man spinoff feature that debuted several months earlier in March 2021 and featuring Jared Leto as a nominal vampire sheriff.

Set photos

Photographs from the San Francisco film series began to find their way through social media in late February, featuring Tom Hardy, Woody Harrelson, and director Andy Serkis.

Hey, Carnage

Tom Hardy gave the world a first look Woody Harrelson Carnagena in Venom 2 in mid-February, a stylized image of the actor Instagram.

Woody Harrelson massacre in Venom 2

The image was removed a little later, but not until it sparked a lot of discussion online. The image doesn’t reveal Carnage’s signature, the red-black cover of the symbiote – a variation of Venom’s own black-and-white suit – but the colors of Harrelson’s shirt seem to be a nod to Cletus Kasady’s vicious alter ego.

Such a valuable instructor

You probably feel like the man behind Serkis Lord of the Rings‘Gollum, War against the planet of monkeys Caesar and Star Wars: The Last Jediis Supreme leader Snoke, but the artist capturing the veteran movement goes behind the camera Venom 2 to act as a film director.

While Serkis is best known for his character Capture characters, the English filmmaker has directing experience. In 2017, Serkis released his first film, Breathe, starring Andrew Garfield and CrownClaire Foy. In 2018, Serkis ’performance captured a heavy adjustment Jungle Book, Mowgli: The legend of the jungle, arrived on Netflix after a short theater ride.

It’s happening. Symbiote has found me a host and I’m ready for the trip … I can’t wait! #poison # myrkky2 #wonder

& mdash; Andy Serkis (@andyserkis) August 5, 2019

Eddie Brock’s second-year outing is written by Kelly Marcel, one Poisonthere are three credited writers Hollywood Reporter. In addition Poison, Marcel ‘s other credits include Fifty shades of gray, Rescuing Mister Banksand Disney Cruel, which focuses on the named villain 101 Dalmatians reputation.


A real detective and Zombieland star Harrelson, who performed together Poison’The post-credit episodes as serial killer Cletus Kasady return Venom 2 like the murderous red symbiote Carnage.

Woody Harrelson massacre in Venom

In the comics, Kasady was a cellmate of Eddie Brock and committed to the descendants of the Venom symbiote during the prison break. In addition to giving him superpowers, Kasady’s symbiote affected the killer’s already unbalanced mind, making him stronger and more deadly than Venom could ever hope to be.

Hardy Poison also star Michelle Williams returns Venom 2 Featuring the role of Eddie’s former bride, Anne Weying, actress Reid Scott renewed her role as Anne’s boyfriend Dan Lewis.

Moonlight And James Bond cartoonist Naomie Harris (pictured above) will star in actors Shriek, a psychopathic villain who becomes interested in Cletus ’love for the Marvel Comics story.

To the spider verse

Poison was just the beginning. In addition to a second Poison film, Sony is currently developing a handful of live-action movies based on supports Spider-Man characters, including Morbius Living Vampire, Black Cat, and Madame Web, among other rumored projects. Sony also has several Spider-Man: In the Spider verse spinoffs in pre-production, including a feature that follows a set of female spider heroes, a direct sequel to the first film focusing on the relationship between Gwen and Miles Morales, and several animated TV projects.

It’s possible that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker could also join Sony’s mini-Marvel Universe and maybe even take a thumbnail Venom 2. Per New deal between Sony and Disney, whose Dutch Spidey performs in at least one more Marvel Cinematic Universe solo and one Marvel group, Spider-Man can now be free for both film worlds.

Actually, Poison author Jeff Pinkner alluded as much in the debate A conversation about a movieAlthough Venom’s archetype, Spider-Man, did not appear Poison, Pinker acknowledged that “it is not impossible that Spider-Man will play a major role in the upcoming / future Venom film.”

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