Venom: Let Carnage trailer teases chaos, comedy


The first rule Poison the sequel is “Do not eat people”.

That is the first remark of the first challenge Venom: Let there be massacre, Sony Pictures ’sequel to the surprisingly entertaining 2018 film, in which Tom Hardy was introduced as rogue journalist Eddie Brock, who becomes the reluctant host of forever hungry, violent foreign symbiote Venom.

According to the schedule, theaters – and only theaters – in September, Venom: Let there be massacre brings Hardy back to Eddie, who has apparently achieved some sort of domestic détente with Venom after the events of the first film. The starting point of the trailer includes Venom, who prepares breakfast for Eddy mixed up by singing Let’s call the whole thing out – very nasal ode to the coexistence of two conflicting personalities.

Directed by Andy Serkis (yes, that Andy Serkis), Venom: Let there be massacre puts Eddie and Venom up against another symbiote-accentuated villain by replaying Woody Harrelson Poison post-credit debut as serial killer Cletus Kasady. The film is inspired by Marvel Comics The biggest carnage the arc of the story with which Venom tries to stop the murderous Massacre, a symbiote who committed to Cletus and already gave the psychotic murderer a significant boost.

Like the comic book story, the film is told to get Carnage to recruit a powerful, unstable villain, Shriek, to join her accident as Naomie Harris portrays Cletus’s twisted romantic obsession. Harris can be seen trailer for Venom: Let there be massacrealso.

Venom: Let there be massacre was originally scheduled to premiere in October 2020, but was one of many high-profile films whose release date was postponed due to large-scale theater closures following the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Unlike some of those movies, Venom: Let there be massacre bets on the full opening of theaters by September. The trailer shows that it is only available to audiences who are willing to take the risk of a trip to the local cinema to see it, instead of offering a streaming option to film fans in areas with a higher risk of coronavirus or questionable COVID-19 security measures.

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