Verizon is adding new 5G Mobile Hotspot plans


Verizon has introduced new mobile hotspot plans, with four options: starting at 15GB for $ 20 per month and up to 150GB for $ 80 per month. They provide an independent and unlimited plan add-on for mobile concentration information that is ready to carry on the road. Maybe a Class B Winnebago Solis with a pop-up berth, as featured Wheel of fortune, south through the red trees and along the coast and then southwest through the painted deserts. What? I said it out loud? I mean hypothetically.

In any case, the most basic plan Essential offers low-band nationwide 5G and 4G LTE connectivity. The three more expensive plans – creatively called Plus, Pro and Premium – include the Ultra Wideband 5G, which covers 5G’s ultra-fast, limited-range mmWave flavor, as well as the upcoming mid-range spectrum, which should provide broad coverage and fast performance.

The plans promise certain monthly fee information; if they are exceeded, data will be slower towards the end of the year. Essential and Plus are available to Verizon customers, while Pro and Premium can either be added to an unlimited package or purchased as separate products.

Everything is fine and good, but while we have unlimited plans, let’s not forget that some of us (me) pay for unlimited Verizon data that inexplicably cannot be accessed over a cell phone. Let’s say (hypothetically) you’re sitting around your cold house in March during a power outage waiting for heat and Wi-Fi to return and you think you want to do a little work by turning on your phone’s cell phone hotspot feature. No! Because you chose the cheapest unlimited plan, you’re stuck with offline Google Docs until the power is back on.

Well, now I (hypothetically) have a couple of options: pay for the highest unlimited plan (which is what man wants us to do), or buy a mobile hotspot, download your baby with Premium Unlimited hotspot information and embark on a dreamy # vanlife tour on the Pacific coast in imaginary Winnebago Solis. White, not red. Let’s not practice you.

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