Verizon’s first own-brand smart display comes with 4G LTE … for some reason


Verizon’s first own-brand smart display comes with 4G LTE ... for some reason

While far from Verizon’s most popular products (or so we assume), the country’s leading wireless provider actually sells a whole host of different smart speakers and smart displays made by Amazon, Google, and JBL.

But Big Red is apparently also going to release its own smart screen, and this is going to be different compared to Echo Show or Nest Hub lines.

If the previous two features are likely to sound familiar to Amazon 2021 owners Echo Show 8 (2nd generation), the latter could well set Verizonbrand with virtually all competitors.
Of course, given that smart speakers and smart displays aren’t traditionally designed to leave the user’s home or move around a lot, we can’t help but wonder what purpose LTE support could serve here.

Naturally, Big Red also plans to equip this bad boy with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, but the ample 4 gigs of RAM and 16 gigs of internal storage suggest we’re looking for something a little more versatile and powerful than your traditional smart display.

Undoubtedly, the approaching device looks distinctly different from the outside of the aforementioned second-generation Echo Show 8 (good or bad) while relying on the same digital assistant to perform different voice-organized tasks.

For supported services, the carrier’s BlueJeans video conferencing software is currently the only one confirmed, but there are apparently others available that compete with Echo Show 8, Google Nest Hub (2nd generation)and JBL link view is going for them.

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